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Carlshälls Gård Wedding || Elizabeth & Einar

stockholm wedding

I think it took me a week to recover from shooting this wedding. I’m certain that every single person who was there was swept up by it all, how could we not be? It really was so special. Elizabeth & I have been internet friends for coming up on 10 years now, but I only met her in the flesh a few short days before her wedding. I remember when Einar started popping up in her instagram feed, I thought: huh, he must be special. When she announced she was moving to Sweden to live with him, I immediately felt very jealous of their future wedding photographer. When she asked *me* to be her wedding photographer, I was over the moon, and I begged my husband to sign off on it even though we had just had our 2nd baby and I had firmly sworn off traveling for weddings with babies after our first. I wanted to be there so bad because I knew it was going to be amazing, and I was not disappointed. It was more incredible than I ever could have imagined and I just rode the wave of it all while trying my very best to capture everything. I don’t usually do this, but for full enjoyment might I suggest queuing up Emmylou while you scroll through. Congratulations Elizabeth & Einar!!!

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stockholm wedding

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